General Terms & Conditions for Accommodation

Which was created as follows:

  • Company name: Szabó Sándor EV.

  • Tax number: 67956836-2-40

  • Public tax ID number: HU67956836

  • Statistical number: 67956836 4334 231 20

  • Registration number of the court of registration: 51002543

  • Headquarters: 8380 Hévíz Fortuna street 24.

  • Phone number: +36 30 223 7496

  • Contact email:

  • Website:

  • Bank account number (tourist) (HUF): 74500114-18087145

  • IBAN: HU33 7450 0114 1808 7145 0000 0000


(hereinafter: Service Provider)


on the other hand,

Between the company operating the accommodation (hereinafter: Accommodation), the data of which was sent to the Service Provider at the same time as the acceptance of these terms and conditions by the person authorized to represent at the time of registration.


The Contracting Parties agree on the following conditions:

1. Subject of the contract

The Service Provider displays the data, offers and photos of the Accommodation on its website for the site visitors. Upon request, the Service Provider, with the assistance of a travel agent, tour operator, online accommodation agent (hereinafter: Partners), mediates new guests for the hotel for an indefinite period of time for the Accommodation specified in this contract - package offers and in some cases daily price breakdowns. The Service Provider carries out an independent economic activity, independent of its Partners, and cannot be directly linked to them.

If the Accommodation would like to appear on the website / offer of the mediated Partners, then a commission payment obligation arises, according to the contractual terms of the given Partner.

Service Provider does not ask exclusivity during the term of the contract. The content of this contract is not the same as the content of the contracts of the Partners mediated by the Service Provider, their reading is the responsibility of the Accommodation.


2. Services of the Service Provider, in addition to the preparation of the basic, accommodation profile:

  • Photo movie about the accommodation:: If the Accommodation sends high-quality photos (at least 1920 x 1080 resolution), based on the received raw image and video material(s), we will make a short image film about the accommodation, which we will upload to our YouTube channel, paste into the accommodation's datasheet, which you can use later for embedding or by indicating the source.

  • Using the #FoROOM community interface: #FoROOM is one of them, where travelers and even hotels or other accommodations can share their experiences, seek advice and talk to each other. Accommodations can use this interface as a powerful marketing tool, where they can increase their active followers base.

  • # TRAVEL ZONE blog "START" appearance: We provide each of our contracted partners with the opportunity to appear in the form of a blog post, based on an 8-10 question scheme, to introduce themselves to the #TRAVEL AREA BLOG. Of course, their attached photos will also be pasted into the ad text and then posted on our Facebook page. The first appearance on the blog is free of charge and you can post again later, if you want to introduce a new service or introduce a new promotion. About the terms of this release, we would ask you to contact us, if it becomes current.

  • Uploading and selling LAST MINUTE packages: Some accommodation establishments increase the occupancy of the accommodation during the off-season or after opening with a package sale campaign provided at a LAST MINUTE price (1-2 months of appearance) in order to maximize their occupancy, or even in the off-season, to finance costs. In this case, compared to the list prices of the accommodation (rack rate prices) a larger discount is provided for the travelers with redemption during a certain period (eg from autumn, early spring or only in winter), which package is valid for the basic room, on weekdays, out of season. The base price of the package is determined by this. Based on this, you can request an extra fee for weekend use, a higher room category, a more preferred period (eg spring, autumn), or special periods (teaching breaks, work breaks). In the case of additional travelers, the price of an extra bed can also be set, however, any optional extra charges must be indicated before ordering. In this regard, on the appropriate sub-page (VOUCHER SHOP menu item), the Service Provider is obliged to indicate these items to the customers in a separate section of the offer data sheet.

   2.1. If Accommodation requires the appearance of online accommodation intermediaries, the Provider provided is the following services:

  • Mediation of international and Hungarian partners for Accommodation

  • Forwarding the contracts of the Partners to the Accommodation

  • Forwarding to the Partners any questions that may arise from the Accommodation in connection with the contracts of the Partners, Forwarding the answers received by the Partners to the Accommodation.

  • Forwarding of completed, accepted and signed contracts completed by the accommodation to the Partners

  • From the beginning of the publication of the offers, until the validity of the offer, correspondence with the customers, preparation of a price offer (based on the information and data provided by the Accommodation Provider).

  • Full booking management, up-to-date room mirror about the mediated guests.

  • Created an arrival list.

  • Redeeming vouchers, initiate payments at partners (depending on the contract).


3.  Concluding a contract with partners mediated by the Service Provider

With the partners mediated by the Service Provider, only the Accommodation concludes a contract, a contractual legal relationship is established between the Accommodation and the Partner, with the data of the Accommodation. The commission of the partners is between 12-20% + VAT, which varies from partner to partner. The partner commission is paid by the accommodation.


4. Reservations

The Accommodation Provider, during the contract period, provides accommodation in its unit for the hotel guests depending on the free places, which the Service Provider records in the quota managed by it, and sends it to the accommodation, but even the guest can initiate a room reservation. In the latter case, the Accommodation is obliged to notify the Service Provider of this event in order to validate the vouchers.

The Service Provider keep records a reservation calendar (room mirror) for the number of rooms specified by the Accommodation (according to room numbers), the reservation status of which changes by any party, the party recording the reservation is obliged to indicate the reservation in the booking calendar at the same time when they sending the reservation confirmation for the guests.

In urgent cases, writing information is also possible by email, which does not trigger recording in the quota, in which case only the recorded reservation is the relevant information.

The Service Provider has fulfilled the undertaken services in case it sends a confirmed reservation request to the Accommodation together with the data of the guest (s) and the correspondence history related to the reservation after the completion of the administrative work processes within its competence.

5. Payment

Guests pay the accommodation fee directly to the Accommodation, if the accommodation reservation and / or order is made directly on the Service Provider's website ( If the accommodation is booked and / or ordered with the involvement of an online accommodation agent, the payment terms set out in the Partners' contract shall apply. These conditions are described in advance by the Service Provider with the Accommodation, before concluding contracts with the Partners.


6. Fees, settlement
The Service Provider mediates the guest to the Accommodation for a fixed booking administration fee, the amount of which is 5 EUR per room reservation. The administration fee is to be paid only after fullfilled bookings, for which the guest's arrival date is authoritative. If the Guest cancels the reservation within the free cancellation period, which the Accommodation will indicate to the Service Provider, then the administration fee does not have to be paid. If the cancellation arrives at the Accommodation within the cancellation period, or a no-show booking, or the Accommodation does not indicate the cancellation during the free cancellation period, then the administration fee the Provider will be charged.

The Service Provider and the Accommodation Facility prepare a paying settlement once a month, which must be accepted by both parties. Thereafter, the Service Provider shall issue an invoice to the Accommodation Provider electronically for the fee payable in accordance with the contract, which the Accommodation Provider shall pay to the Service Provider by bank transfer by the indicated payment deadline.


7. Restrictions

Accommodation, after the conclusion of the contract, may not bypasses the Service Provider during the validity period of the contract in the sense that it mediates any other offers to the Partners mediated by the Service Provider without the Service Provider's knowledge.

The Service Provider may not transmit an offer to the Partners without the knowledge of the Accommodation in such a way that the Accommodation is not aware of it.

The Service Provider may not provide information about the Accommodation to either the guests or the Partners that does not correspond to reality and may be misleading. If the Service Provider needs information in which it is not sure or does not fall within its competence, then it will contact the Accommodation Provider for a request for information, primarily in writing.

In the event of any dispute arising out of or in connection with this Agreement or any breach or termination thereof, the Parties shall endeavor to reach an agreement or, failing that, submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court having jurisdiction over the Service Provider's domicile and country.

8. Termination of contract
Either party may terminate the contract in writing without giving any reason within 60 days. Immediate termination is available in the event of a breach of contract by the other party.

In matters not covered by the contract, the relevant Hungarian legislation shall apply.


These GTC are valid from: 01 April 2020.